A Look At How It All Went Wrong For Mercedes In Monaco

If you’re here, you probably watched the Monaco GP. Which means you’ve seen the horrendous race Mercedes ran that day, that caused them to lose the lead of both championships. Now look, everybody makes mistakes here and there. It’s a part of life, and it’s a part of F1. However, some mistakes are so largeContinue reading “A Look At How It All Went Wrong For Mercedes In Monaco”

2021 Monaco GP – The Roles Have Been Reversed

Cover image source: Racefans.net We arrive in the principality for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, taking place on the narrow streets of Monte-Carlo. After taking a one-year break from the “action” at Monaco, we finally got the chance to see how each driver performs on arguably the toughest track on the calendar. And the raceContinue reading “2021 Monaco GP – The Roles Have Been Reversed”

Why Mercedes Are Running Away With Both Titles (And How Red Bull Can Turn That Around)

Cover image credit: Racefans.net Oh yes. It’s race week (or rawe ceek if you work at Ferrari), and we are heading to Monte Carlo for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, to see if Mercedes or Redbull, Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, will come out on top. Over this weekend however, I couldn’t help but thinkContinue reading “Why Mercedes Are Running Away With Both Titles (And How Red Bull Can Turn That Around)”

2021 Spanish GP – Tense Suspense

Along came that dreaded time of year for F1 fans. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. That’s right. For the 4th Round in the 2021 season, F1 returned to a track that fits each one of my categories on what makes a good track except for overtaking opportunities. Every time we’ve come here, overtakes have been quiteContinue reading “2021 Spanish GP – Tense Suspense”

2021 Portuguese Grand Prix – A Familiar Situation

We asked, F1 listened. After the glorious race put on for us during the absurd season that was 2020, F1 returned to Portimão for the 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix. The first two races of the season have been incredible, keeping us guessing on every lap. Now we arrive at the third round, and was itContinue reading “2021 Portuguese Grand Prix – A Familiar Situation”

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