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The Problem With Tracks Like France (And What We’d Like To See Instead)

It’s race week yet again, as we return to the long gone, but certainly not missed Circuit Paul Ricard for the 2021 French Grand Prix. This track is really overstaying its welcome. I’ve already made a post that goes into detail on what us fans would like to see in a track. Although Paul Ricard…

2021 Azerbaijan GP – This Will Go Down In History

Wow. If I had one word to describe that race I watched, that’s what I’d use. What the heck did we just witness? That was one of the craziest races I have ever seen, and I’m sure you’d agree. I really can’t sum it up in a sentence, so let’s just dive straight into it.…

A Look At How It All Went Wrong For Mercedes In Monaco

If you’re here, you probably watched the Monaco GP. Which means you’ve seen the horrendous race Mercedes ran that day, that caused them to lose the lead of both championships. Now look, everybody makes mistakes here and there. It’s a part of life, and it’s a part of F1. However, some mistakes are so large…

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